The Workspace ONE UEM console provides a migration tool that allows you to complete all prerequisites, select smart groups, configure a custom message for your users, and a dashboard to view a summary page of the migrated devices including eligilibity status and reason for failure or success.


Be sure to have completed the prerequisites to avoid failed migration or users not being able to access all apps they need. For more information on prerequisites see: Prerequisites for Migrating to Android Enterprise to Work Profile Android (Legacy) Migration.


  1. Navigate to Devices > Lifeycle > Legacy Android Migration and select New Migration.
  2. Complete the prerequisites and select Next to move to the Details tab.
    Details The details tab allows you to select the Smart Groups you want to migrate
    Name Enter a friendly name for the migration group.
    Description Enter detailed description of the migration group.
    Smart Groups Specify which smart groups to receive the migration. Smart Groups must include Android (Legacy) deployments.

    You will receive an error message if a Smart Group is not eligible to be included in the migration.

    Message After users have chosen to upgrade to Android Enterprise, this message will inform them about the migration and prompt them to take action to proceed.
  3. Select Validate. Selecting validate retrieves the number of devices eligible for migration.
  4. Select Continue once all devices are validated for migration. You cannot continue until a valid Smart Group is selected.
    A Summary page displays showing details such as list of devices, migration eligibility, and reason the device is not eligible, when applied
  5. Select Create to create the migration.
    A notification is sent to eligible devices in the selected Smart Groups informing users about migration and prompting them to perform necessary actions to proceed. You can monitor progress on the Legacy Android Migration page. From this page you can select migrations from the list view to display the Migration Details page.
    Note: During Android (Legacy) migration to Android Enterprise, based on the setting in the Scheduler the migration command is automatically sent for the first batch size (300) of devices instantly. After the first 300 devices, the remaining devices will receive the command at the determined intervals. You can view the settings in the UEM console under Admin > Scheduler.

What to do next

See the Migration Details Page for more information