You upgrade the vRealize Operations for Horizon broker agent on each Horizon Connection Server where it is installed.

Note: The following items are performed during the upgrade:
  1. The broker agent service is stopped.
  2. The broker agent configuration is preserved.
  3. The existing broker agent is uninstalled.
  4. The new version of the broker agent is installed.


  • Upgrade the vRealize Operations for Horizon solution.
  • Obtain the server key for the Horizon Adapter instance. You specified the server key when you created the credential for the adapter instance.
  • Obtain the IP address of the host where you installed the Horizon Adapter instance.


  1. Log in to the Horizon Connection Server host as a Horizon administrator.
  2. Download the broker agent installation file from the product download page and run the file to upgrade the broker agent.
    1. Read and accept the EULA and click Next.
    2. Click Install to begin the upgrade.
    3. Click Finish to exit the broker agent setup wizard.
  3. Open the Broker Agent Config Utility for Horizon and pair the broker agent with the adapter instance again.
    1. Enter the FQDN or IP address and the port of the vRealize Operations Manager node where the Horizon Adapter instance is running.
      By default, the broker agent uses port 3091 to communicate with the Horizon Adapter.
    2. Enter the server key and click Pair.
      The subsequent pages of the wizard are populated with configuration data from the previous installation.
  4. On the Broker Agent Service page, start the broker agent service.
  5. Click Next and click Finish on the last page of the wizard.

What to do next

Upgrade the vRealize Operations for Horizon Desktop Agent