POST /lcm/api/v1/action/addNode scales out the environment by adding a single node to a product in the environment. To add multiple nodes, make a separate request for each node.


Satisfy the following conditions before performing any tasks for this use case.
  • Use POST /lcm/api/v1/login to log in to vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager.
  • Verify that you have a valid authentication token that matches your login credentials. See Request an Authentication Token.
Each node request requires the following parameters:
  • name
  • ipAddress
  • hostname

See Node Types and Parameters for a full list of parameters for each node type.

The following node types cannot be scaled:
  • vra-server-primary
  • db
  • vrli-master
  • iaas-manager-active
  • master
  • managementagent
  • replica

curl Command

The following example adds a vrli-worker node to the environment.
curl -X POST "https://LCM-Hostname/lcm/api/v1/action/addNode" \
        -H "accept: application/json" \
        -H "x-xenon-auth-token: $token" \
        -H "content-type: application/json" \
        -d '{
           "environmentId": "8c7e3ea7e945f475558855d497c68",
           "dataCenterId": "Data Center Name",
           "productId": "vrli",
           "version": "4.3.0",
           "node": {
             "type": "vrli-worker",
             "sourceLink": "",
             "properties": {
               "name": "VM Name",
               "cluster": "",
               "ipAddress": "",
               "dns": "",
               "vCenterHost": "hostname",
               "storage": "",
               "network": "",
               "hostname": "hostname",
               "netmask": "",
               "domain": "",
               "diskFormat": "",
               "searchpath": "",
               "gateway": "",
               "deployOption": "",
               "userName": "vCenter Username",
               "password": "password"

JSON Output

When the operation completes successfully, the JSON output includes:
  • id = Add a node request ID
  • status = Add a node status