One of the required configuration tasks for the Management Pack is to create a set of credentials in vROps.


  1. Click the Administration administration_icon icon. In the left panel, select Credentials.
  2. Click the Add add_icon icon. In the Manage Credential window that appears, enter the following information:



  • Credential name: A name for this set of credentials

    Note: If using LDAP authentication, see our Support team's knowledge article on Using LDAP to Authenticate with F5 BIG-IP Management Pack for vROps.
  • User Name: F5 BIG-IP user name
  • Password: F5 BIG-IP password

    Note: vRealize user name/password fields are shown only when the deprecated credential kind is selected. These fields are maintained for backward compatibility purposes only and are not necessary for proper operation of the Management Pack.

What to do next

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