Before installing and configuring the Management Pack for HPE ProLiant, ensure your system meets the following requirements:

vRealize Operations (vROps) Requirements HPE Server Requirements
Version(s) vRealize Operations 7.x & 8.x (Standard, Advanced, or Enterprise editions)

HPE ProLiant Servers, Gen 8, 9, or 10 (Blade or Rack), with one of the following:

  • HPE Onboard Administrator (OA) Command Line Interface (CLI), 4.50+ – Recommended connection method for enclosure-based blade server environments
    • Optional: HPE Virtual Connect Manager (VCM)CLI, 4.50+ (in addition to OA)

    - OR -

  • iLO 4 with firmware 2.0+ -or- iLO 5 with firmware 1.20+ – Required connection method for rack server environments. (The Management Pack no longer supports the iLO connection method for blade server environments.)

    Note: The Management Pack assumes a maximum of one rack server per iLO.
Note: A couple prerequisite configurations for ESXi hosts are required to collect Host > Server external relationships and certain metrics. See: Prerequisite Configurations for ESXi Hosts (HPE ProLiant).

OA or iLO hostname (or IP address), comma-separated list of hosts, or host IP range written in CIDR notation.

Note: If using multiple hosts, they must share the same credentials.

Default ports:


OA users:

  • OA administrator user name and password for your Enclosure / Chassis

    Caution: The management pack does  not support connecting directly to the OA of the blades; it can  only target the OA of the enclosures.
    Note: The least-privileged OA user must be assigned the User privilege. See: Assigning User Privileges (HPE ProLiant).

OA and VCM users:

iLO users: