After you convert your vCenter Server to subscription, you can manage your vCenter Server updates from the VMware Cloud Console. Whenever an update is available, vSphere+ displays a notification in the VMware Cloud Console. You can also view the detailed history of all the vCenter Server updates performed from the VMware Cloud Console.



  1. Log in to the VMware Cloud Console at
  2. On the left navigation panel, select Inventory, select the vCenter Server, and then click vCenter Updates.
  3. From the vCenter Server drop-down menu, select the vCenter Server version that you want to update to.
  4. Click Check Prerequisites to check whether the vCenter Server meets all the requirements.

    vSphere+ adds a secondary NIC to the vCenter Server for troubleshooting purposes.

    It takes a while to check all the prerequisites. You can still use your vCenter Server while this operation in progress.

  5. Click Update Now to update the vCenter Server.
    While the update is in progress, you cannot use the vCenter Server. However, you can continue to use other vSphere+ services.


The update process takes a while to complete. When the update is complete, you can view the status in the History table. If the update is not successful, vSphere+ reverts your vCenter Server to the previous version.

What to do next