You can enable Virtual SAN when you create a cluster.


  1. Right-click a data center in the vSphere Web Client and select New Cluster.
  2. Type a name for the cluster in the Name text box.
    This name appears in the vSphere Web Client navigator.
  3. Select the vSAN Turn ON check box and click OK.
    The cluster appears in the inventory.
  4. Add hosts to the Virtual SAN cluster. See Add a Host to the Virtual SAN Cluster.
    Virtual SAN clusters can include hosts with or without capacity devices. For best results, add hosts with capacity.


Enabling Virtual SAN creates a Virtual SAN datastore and registers the Virtual SAN storage provider. Virtual SAN storage providers are built-in software components that communicate the storage capabilities of the datastore to vCenter Server.

What to do next

Verify that the Virtual SAN datastore has been created. See View Virtual SAN Datastore.

Verify that the Virtual SAN storage provider is registered. See View Virtual SAN Storage Providers.

Claim the storage devices or create disk groups. See Device Management in a Virtual SAN Cluster.

Configure the Virtual SAN cluster. See Configure a Cluster for Virtual SAN.