You can use Configuration Assist to check the configuration of your vSAN cluster, and resolve any issues.

vSAN Configuration Assist enables you to verify the configuration of cluster components, resolve issues, and troubleshoot problems. The configuration checks cover hardware compatibility, network, and vSAN configuration options.

The Configuration Assist checks are divided into categories. Each category contains individual configuration checks.

Table 1. Configuration Assist Categories

Configuration Category


Hardware compatibility

Checks the hardware components for the vSAN cluster, to ensure that they are using supported hardware, software, and drivers.

vSAN configuration

Checks vSAN configuration options.

Generic cluster

Checks basic cluster configuration options.

Network configuration

Checks vSAN network configuration.

Burn-in test

Checks burn-in test operations.

If storage controller firmware or drivers do not meet the requirements listed in the VMware Compatibility Guide, you can use the Updates page to update the controllers.