The installation and upgrade software enables you to identify problems on the host machine that can cause an installation, upgrade, or migration to fail.

For interactive installations, upgrades, and migrations, the errors or warnings are displayed on the final panel of the installer, where you are asked to confirm or cancel the installation or upgrade. For scripted installations, upgrades, or migrations, the errors or warnings are written to the installation log file. You can also consult the product release notes for known problems.

vSphere Update Manager provides custom messages for these errors or warnings. To see the original errors and warnings returned by the precheck script during an Update Manager host upgrade scan, review the Update Manager log file vmware-vum-server-log4cpp.log.

The vSphere Ugrade guide describes how to use VMware products and their features. If you encounter problems or error situations that are not described in this guide, you may find a solution in VMware Knowledge Base. You can also use VMware Community Forums to find others with same problem or ask for help, or you can open Support Request to get help from VMware service professional.