This vSphere Storage is updated with each release of the product or when necessary.

This table provides the update history of the vSphere Storage.

Revision Description
28 SEP 2023
31 JUL 2023 Minor revisions.
29 JUN 2023 Updated statements about the SCSI TimeoutValue parameter in ESXi Fibre Channel SAN Requirements and ESXi iSCSI SAN Recommendations and Restrictions.
06 APR 2023 Clarified information about the latency mechanism that can be activated for the Round Robin path selection policy:
13 FEB 2023 Updated Failures When Migrating VMs or Deploying VM OVFs to Virtual Volumes Datastores with a note that starting with vSphere 7.0 Update 2, partners can increase the config-vVol to 4 GB and more.
07 FEB 2023 Updated Set Up Dynamic Disk Mirroring.
06 FEB 2023 Updated HPP Best Practices to include recommendation to use VMware Paravirtual or NVMe controllers with VM. See VMware High Performance Plug-In and Path Selection Schemes.
02 FEB 2023 Minor revisions.
31 JAN 2023 Clarified information about replication groups in the following topics:
11 JAN 2023 Added privileges required when a VM is encrypted. See Download Files from Datastores.
04 JAN 2023 Added a note with information about the snapshot.alwaysAllowNative parameter to Enable NAS Native Snapshots on Virtual Machines.
29 NOV 2022 Removed vSAN stretched cluster limitations from Requirements of Cloud Native Storage and Create a Storage Policy for Kubernetes.
28 OCT 2022
24 AUG 2022 Minor revisions.
16 AUG 2022 Added a requirement to remount a datastore to Change Space Reclamation Settings.
29 JUL 2022 Clarified a replication group requirement for Virtual Volumes storage policy in Change Storage Policy Assignment for Virtual Machine Files and Disks.
26 JUL 2022 Minor revisions.
28 APR 2022 Minor revisions.
14 DEC 2021 Minor updates.
29 NOV 2021 Removed the following statement from VMware High Performance Plug-In and Path Selection Schemes:

"Do not activate the HPP for HDDs or slower flash devices. The HPP is not expected to provide any performance benefits with devices incapable of at least 200 000 IOPS."

17 NOV 2021 Minor updates.
29 OCT 2021 Minor updates.
21 OCT 2021 Updated Configuring Network Access to vSAN File Share to indicate that using a dedicated vNIC for the file traffic is not mandatory.
05 OCT 2021 Initial release.