As a DevOps engineer, verify that the namespace you use for stateful services in the vSphere with Tanzu environment has appropriate storage classes. The storage classes can be vSAN Shared-Nothing-Architecture (SNA) and vSAN Direct.

The vSAN Data Persistence platform automatically creates these storage classes in the namespace after a vSphere administrator enables the stateful service. See Enable Stateful Services in vSphere with Tanzu.
Note: Only applications that run on the Supervisor Cluster can use the vsan-direct and vsan-sna storage classes. These storage classes cannot be used inside a Tanzu Kubernetes cluster.

In addition to default storage classes, vSphere administrator can also create custom storage policies and assign them to the namespace. See Create vSAN Direct Storage Policy and Create vSAN SNA Storage Policy.


  • Verify that the storage policies to be used with vSAN SNA and vSAN Direct are available in your namespace.
    # kubectl get sc
    sample-vsan-direct-thick   Delete          WaitForFirstConsumer   true                   3m36s
    sample-vsan-sna-thick   Delete          WaitForFirstConsumer   true                   13m