To hide sensitive data like virtual machine name, host name, and user name, you can anonymize the data transferred between vCloud Usage Meter and VMware Cloud Services Console. In the vCloud Usage Meter Web interface, you can configure the hashing level of the generated vCloud Usage Meter product consumption reports.

You can define which data is anonymized and the string for the anonymization.
Attention: vCloud Usage Meter applies the configuration changes from the moment the changes are saved. If you change the level of anonymization after the first day of the month, only the report for this month is displayed with mixed hashing. The consecutive reports are representing the hashing as per the last configuration.


  1. In the main menu bar of the vCloud Usage Meter Web interface, click Settings.
  2. In the left navigation pane, click Data Hashing.
    The Data Hashing page opens.
  3. From the Select level for Hashing drop-down menu, select the level of anonymization.
    Option Description
    Anonymizable fields are Hashed Fields with a name or IP address areanonymized.
    Note: This option is selected by default.
    Anonymizable fields are Redacted Enter a specific label for the anonymized fields and select which product fields to use this label.
    Note: The label is applied for the fields which you select.
    No Hashing No fields are nonymized.
  4. (Optional) In Step 3, if you selected Anonymizable fields are Hashed or Anonymizable fields are Redacted, select the fields you want to annonymize.
    Note: When you turn on the anonymization, you can deactivate and activate each category and attribute within a category. If you deactivate a whole category, vCloud Usage Meter considers all attributes within this category as deactivated.
  5. Click Save.


The configuration changes are applied on the next collection of product consumption data.