Before configuring your F5 device, it must be deployed in the environment with access to vRealize components over a network.

Note: Refer to the Workspace One load-balancing documentation in order to configure highly-available identity provider for vRealize Automation.

For configuration, the F5 device must meet these requirements:

  • The F5 device can be either physical or virtual.
  • The F5 Local Traffic module (LTM) load balancer can be deployed in either one-arm or multi-arm topologies.
  • The LTM must be configured and licensed as either Nominal, Minimum, or Dedicated. You can configure the LTM by navigating to System > Resource Provisioning.

If you are using an F5 LTM version older than 11.x, you might need to change your health monitor settings related to the Send string. For more information about how to set up your health monitor send string for the different versions of F5 LTM, see HTTP health checks may fail even though the node is responding correctly.