Simplify the automation of complex IT tasks with VMware vRealize Orchestrator, which integrates with vRealize Suite and vCloud Suite to further improve service delivery efficiency, operational management and IT agility.

vRealize Orchestrator is a development- and process-automation platform that provides an extensive library of workflows and a workflow engine. Workflows achieve step-by-step process automation for greater flexibility in automated server provisioning and operational tasks across VMware and third-party applications. By using the workflow editor, the built-in Mozilla Rhino JavaScript scripting engine, and the Orchestrator and vCenter Server APIs, you can design custom workflows in just a few clicks.

The Orchestrator plug-in architecture allows you to access and control external technologies and applications. Plug-ins extend the Orchestrator scripting engine with new object types and methods. The external technologies that you access by using plug-ins include virtualization management tools, email systems, databases, directory services, and remote control interfaces. Orchestrator provides a standard set of preinstalled plug-ins and you can develop custom plug-ins to access other applications.