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Learn how you can use vRealize Orchestrator workflows to achieve step-by-step process automation and a greater flexibility in automated server provisioning and operational tasks across VMware and third-party applications. You can use the workflow editor, the built-in Mozilla Rhino JavaScript scripting engine, and the vRealize Orchestrator and vCenter Server APIs to design custom workflows.

With the vRealize Orchestrator plug-in architecture, you can access and control external technologies and applications to further extend the functionality of your vRealize Orchestrator environment. The external technologies that you access by using plug-ins include virtualization management tools, email systems, databases, directory services, and remote control interfaces. vRealize Orchestrator provides a standard set of preinstalled plug-ins. You can also use the tools provided by vRealize Orchestrator to develop custom plug-ins that can access other applications.

If you want to learn more about what vRealize Orchestrator does and how the product can help with the automation of your IT tasks, visit the vRealize Orchestrator product page.

To use vRealize Orchestrator in a guided training environment, enroll in the Hands-On-Lab and look for HOL-2021-04-CMP-vRealize Orchestrator-Getting Started and HOL-2021-05-vRealize Orchestrator-Advanced Topics.