To view details about all vCenter servers associated with a data center, you get the data center ID then request the details for that ID.


Satisfy the following conditions before performing the tasks for this use case.

  • Use POST /lcm/api/v1/login to log in to vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager.

  • Verify that you have a valid authentication token that matches your login credentials. See Request an Authentication Token.


  1. Request the name and ID of the data center in vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager.
    curl -X GET "https://LCM-HostName/lcm/api/v1/view/datacenter" -H "accept: application/json" -H "x-xenon-auth-token: $token"
  2. Examine the response for the request.

    The output of the request includes:

    • id = Data Center ID

    • name = Data Center Name

  3. Use the Data Center ID to request details about the data center.
    curl -X GET "https://LCM-HostName/lcm/api/v1/view/datacenter?datacenterId=<Datacenter-ID>" -H "accept: application/json" -H "x-xenon-auth-token: $token"
  4. Examine the response to view information about all vCenter servers for the specified data center.

    The output of the request includes:

    • dataCenterName = Data Center Name

    • vCenters = Details for all vCenter servers in the data center.