The entity pages provide a comprehensive outlook of entities that are present in your data center. This information can range from detailed topologies to show relationships with other entities of your data center to detailed metrics about an entity.

Think of your entire data center as being composed of entities and their relationships. For example, a virtual machine is an entity, and the virtual machine is part of a host which is another entity. Here, the virtual machine and the host shares a relationship with each other. VMware Aria Operations for Networks provides visibility and information of such entities and relationships, and numerous other entities and relationships that are part of your data center.

Each entity on VMware Aria Operations for Networks has a dedicated entity page. This page is a collection of widgets and each widget shows specific information related to the entity. The information provided is both real time and historical, and an exhaustive list of metrics and properties for the entity.

You can expand the Entities option on the left navigation panel to view all the entities on VMware Aria Operations for Networks. If you want to see more information about entities, then click Profile > Help on the top-right corner of the page.

Time Range Widget

The time range widget enables you to view the state of the entity at a particular time in the past. It also provides a bird’s eye view of alerts that were detected across a selected time range.

To access the time range widget, click Time range icon next to the entity name on top of the page, and select the time range that you want to view.