You shut down VMware Aria Operations by first taking the cluster offline, then shutting down the virtual machines of the VMware Aria Operations cluster and VMware Cloud Proxies.

For the full-stack shutdown order of VMware Cloud Foundation and of the management domain, see Shutting Down VMware Cloud Foundation.


  1. Log in to the VMware Aria Operations administration interface at https://<aria_operations_fqdn>/admin with a user assigned the Administrator role.
  2. Take the VMware Aria Operations cluster offline.

    1. On the System status page, click Take cluster offline.

    2. In the Take cluster offline dialog box, provide the reason for the shutdown and click OK.

      This operation might take about an hour to complete according to the number of sources VMware Aria Operations monitors.

  3. Log in to the management domain vCenter Server at https://<management_vcenter_server_fqdn>/ui as administrator@vsphere.local.
  4. In the VMs and templates inventory, expand the management domain vCenter Server tree and expand the management domain data center.
  5. Shut down the VMware Aria Operations analytics virtual machines.

    1. Find the first analytics virtual machine in the inventory.

    2. Right-click the virtual machine and select Power > Shut down Guest OS.

    3. In the confirmation dialog box, click YES.

      This operation takes several minutes to complete.

    4. Repeat the steps for the remaining analytics virtual machines.

  6. Repeat the steps 5 to shut down the VMware Aria Operations VMware Cloud Proxy appliances.