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Using Horizon Cloud Documentation

You get up-to-date documentation with every release of Horizon Cloud.

Except for the Release Notes, which are always in HTML, our documentation is also available in PDF format, which you can get using the PDF download icon (Icon for opening a PDF file) that's visible when you are viewing an HTML topic.

Screenshot of an example of where to find the PDF button for a particular document.

Update Your Older Pods to Get the Best Experience

Pods that are running on older software versions do not get the benefits of new features and bug fixes that rely on having the latest pod version level. Find out how to update your pods in Microsoft Azure by reading Updating Your Horizon Cloud Pod. Find out how to get the latest features for your cloud-connected Horizon pods by reading Configure Automated Updates of the Horizon Cloud Connector Virtual Appliance and Manually Update the Horizon Cloud Connector Virtual Appliance. For a link to the list of known issues, see the Horizon Cloud Release Notes.

Other Resources

Read customer success stories, announcements, and blogs at the Horizon Cloud product page, Horizon Cloud Service news, and latest VMware End-User Computing blogs. Enjoy learning in a classroom-type setting? VMware Education offers a VMware Horizon Cloud Service on Microsoft Azure: Deploy and Manage course.