Welcome to the documentation for VMware Horizon Cloud Service and Horizon Control Plane services! Learn to deploy, manage, and monitor virtual desktops and apps from a single console.

Illustration of the four steps to get starting using Horizon Control Plane services

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Getting Started

  1. Get a Horizon SaaS subscription license, like the Horizon Universal License.
    Tip: The initial purchaser will receive the Welcome email which contains links to instructions for how to add your IT admins to the tenant, log in to the console for the first time, and other starting points.

  2. Choose and complete your first deployment.
  3. Register your Active Directory to the control plane.

  4. Start using the Horizon Control Plane services with your deployment.

Illustration showing the various services of the Horizon Control Plane service.

Deployment Checklists

Using Horizon Cloud Documentation

You get up-to-date documentation with every release of Horizon Cloud.

Except for the Release Notes, which are always in HTML, our documentation is also available in PDF format, which you can get using the PDF download icon (Icon for opening a PDF file) that's visible when you are viewing an HTML topic.

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Horizon Universal License and Horizon Deployments

With the Horizon Universal License, you gain both the ability to deploy Horizon into public clouds with VMware SDDC and access to the cloud-based services provided by Horizon Cloud Service and the Horizon Control Plane. For details about deploying Horizon, see VMware Horizon Documentation and, for the previous Horizon 7 7.x versions, VMware Horizon 7 Documentation.

Horizon Clients

Your end users use the Horizon Clients to access their entitled desktops and applications from Horizon Cloud Service using Universal Broker or single-pod brokering. For detailed information about these clients, see VMware Horizon Client Documentation.

About Updating Older Pods to Get the Best Experience

Pods that are running on older software versions do not get the benefits of new features and bug fixes that rely on having the latest pod version level. Learn about how your Horizon Cloud pods in Microsoft Azure are updated by reading Updates and Your Horizon Cloud Pod. Find out how to get the latest features for your cloud-connected Horizon pods by reading Configure Automated Updates of the Horizon Cloud Connector Virtual Appliance and Manually Update the Horizon Cloud Connector Virtual Appliance.

You can always check in the Horizon Cloud Release Notes for links to useful day-0 facts, known limitations, and known issues.

About Limited Availability Features in Horizon Cloud Service

A Limited Availability feature is enabled on a tenant-by-tenant basis, usually on a per-request basis. Access to feature documentation for a Limited Availability feature is also limited and unavailable here. To obtain documentation related to a Limited Availability feature that might be enabled in your tenant, please contact your VMware representative.

Other Resources

Read customer success stories, announcements, and blogs at the Horizon Cloud product page, Horizon Control Plane Services product page, and latest VMware End-User Computing blogs. Enjoy learning in a classroom-type setting? VMware Education offers a VMware Horizon Cloud Service on Microsoft Azure: Deploy and Manage course.