Set up a recovery plan to define the configuration and the orchestration steps required for successful disaster or ransomware recovery.

After you create and configure a recovery plan, you can run it as a failover or test failover, or you can run the plan for ransomware recovery.
Note: Topics in this section discuss running a recovery plan for disaster recovery. For information about running a recovery plan for ransomware recovery, see Ransomware Recovery.

When a recovery plan for disaster recovery starts, it performs all of its recovery steps until completion. A recovery plan configured for disaster recovery can also continue to run to a specific point in the process and wait for user input. Or you can configure a plan to stop and wait for a specified time limit, and then continue until the next stop, or to completion. You can also launch a script VM as a recovery step.

For each active recovery plan, VMware Live Cyber Recovery performs a compliance check and reports on environmental changes, such as vSphere misconfigurations or network outages. Compliance checks also give you an opportunity to fix issues and restore plan integrity before disaster occurs.

VMware Live Cyber Recovery can maintain multiple plans of different types, and multiple plans can be in various stages of execution at any given time, even concurrently.

vSphere Tags and Recovery Plans

Make sure that all vSphere tags that you are using for VMs on a protected site also exist on the recovery SDDC before you initiate a failover. The failover process associates vSphere tags with recovered VMs that were associated with the VM on the original protected site. For this reason, the tags and their associated categories must be pre-configured on the recovery SDDC for successful failover and failback. For more information about tags and failover operations, see System Behavior During Failover.

Recovery plan compliance checks indicate any missing tags on the recovery SDDC, so before you run a recovery plan, view the plan compliance report. Also, recovery plan alerts can be configured to send an email if a recovery plan has missing tags on the selected recovery SDDC.