After creating a Gateway Pool, you can add Gateways to the Pool and associate the Pool to an Enterprise Customer.

Whenever you create a new Gateway Pool or clone a Pool, you are redirected to the Gateway Pool Properties page to configure the properties of the Pool.

Note: You can configure only a Gateway pool created by a Partner User or a Partner Managed Gateway pool created by your Operator.

To configure an existing Gateway Pool:


  1. In the Partner portal, click Gateway Pools. In the Gateway Pools page, the existing Gateway Pools are displayed.
  2. Click the link to a Gateway Pool to configure the Pool.
  3. In the Gateway Pool Properties page, configure the following:
    1. In the Properties section, the existing Name, Description, Partner Gateway Hand Off details, and the Association Type are displayed. If required, you can modify these details.
    2. In the Gateways In Pool section, click Manage to add Gateways to the Pool.
    3. In the Assign Gateways window that appears, move the required Gateways from the Available pane to Assigned pane using the Arrows.
    Click OK.
  4. The added Gateways are displayed in the window.
  5. Click Save Changes.


The configured Gateway Pools are displayed in the Gateway Pools page.

What to do next

You can associate the Gateway Pool to an Enterprise Customer. The Edges available in the Enterprise are connected to the Gateways available in the Pool.

Refer to the following links to associate the Gateway Pool: