The VMware SD-WAN™ (formerly known as VMware SD-WAN™) Operator Guide provides information about VMware SASE Orchestrator, including how to configure and manage Customers and Partners who use the Orchestrator.

Intended Audience

This guide is intended for Operators and Service Providers, who are familiar with the Networking and SD-WAN operations.

Beginning with Release 4.4.0, VMware SD-WAN is offered as part of VMware SASE™. To access SASE documentation for Cloud Web Security and Secure Access, along with Release Notes for version 4.4.0 and later, see VMware SASE.

Here's a quick walkthrough of the user journey as an Operator super user:

  1. Install SD-WAN Orchestrator
  2. Configure SD-WAN Orchestrator Disaster Recovery
  3. Upload Software Images
  4. Configure System Properties
  5. Configure Operator Users
  6. Configure Operator Profiles
  7. Configure Customers
  8. Configure Partners
  9. Configure User Agreements
  10. Manage Edge Licensing
  11. Provision Edges
  12. Configure Gateways and Gateway Pools
  13. Configure Profiles
  14. Monitor Customers
  15. Monitor and Troubleshoot Gateways
  16. Troubleshoot SD-WAN Orchestrator