Add a Skyline Collector to your Cloud Services Organization.

The only recommendation today for having multiple Skyline Collectors is if you have multiple, geographically dispersed, data centers. In this instance, we recommend deploying a Skyline Collector in each data center. You can register multiple Skyline Collectors with a single Cloud Services Organization.

See the Skyline Planning and Deployment Guide for more information regarding Skyline architecture.

To add a new Skyline Collector to an existing Cloud Services Organization, follow these steps.


Only users assigned the Skyline Administrator service role can add a Skyline Collector to a Cloud Services Organization. Users assigned the Skyline User service role do not have this capability. For more information regarding Skyline service roles, see Service Roles in Skyline Advisor.


  1. Within Skyline Advisor, click Dashboard.
  2. Click Add New Collector.
  3. The Collector Setup page provides a hyperlink to the Skyline Planning and Deployment Guide, and the Skyline Collector download page on My VMware.
    1. Click the Skyline Planning and Deployment Guide to view documentation to assist you with deploying the Skyline Collector virtual appliance.
    2. Click the Skyline Collector download link to download the Skyline Collector virtual appliance in OVA format. Install the Skyline Collector using the vCenter Server Deploy OVF Template- wizard. See Initial Configuration for the steps to complete configuration of the Skyline Collector.
    3. Copy the registration token already created. You will use this registration token to register the Skyline Collector with your Cloud Services Organization. See Collector Registration for additional details.
  4. After completing these steps, click Complete Setup.


The Skyline Collector is added to your Cloud Services Organization. It appears on the Collectors page.