You can view comprehensive summary of your environments in the home page of VMware Skyline Advisor Pro. You can view your account details, environment details, collector details, active findings, Log Assists details, notifications, historical trends, and open support requests. The dashboard allows you to quickly navigate to a particular place within Skyline Advisor Pro.

The Dashboard page displays the following information:



Account Name

Customer Account Type (Select Support, Premier Support, Production Support), Customer Account ID, Entitlement Accounts, and SaaS Subscriptions.


Total numbers of Skyline Collectors registered with the Cloud Services Organization.


Shows Findings and Recommendations discovered by Skyline.

In Skyline Advisor Pro:

  • Click the Active Findings, including Critical, trivial, and Moderate Findings link to go to the Findings & Recommendations page.

  • Click any Findings Category or Findings Type to go to the Findings & Recommendations page.

  • Click VIEW ALL Findings to view all Findings & Recommendationsdiscovered by Skyline.

Log Assist/Support Cases

Initiate a support bundle transfer using Log Assist.

  • Open Support Cases: Shows total count of open cases for the logged-in user (existing SR Visibility logic).

  • Active Log Assists: Shows In-Progress and and Requested Log Assists for the logged-in user + Account (existing data retention and viewing policy).


Display VMware Aria Universal Suite subscription messages for your products, expiration date for a service, and collector health status.

Click VIEW ALLto view notification details.

Inventory Summary

Displays endpoint discovery message in the Inventory Summary section. You can add VMware Aria product endpoints that you don't monitor using VMware Skyline. Click Add next to each product.

Shows last analysis date time stamp. Displays inventory type and count for each supported products.

  • In Skyline Advisor Pro, click VIEW ALL to view environment Inventory details.

  • To access the Inventory Details page, click the total number of all inventory assets under the Inventory Summary section.


    Hosts and Virtual Machines are not clickable.

Historical Trends (Skyline Advisor Pro only)

Shows Historical Trends activity for the last 7 days, and number of findings by Inventory, Severity, Category, Hidden Findings, and Date Range.

Click VIEW HISTORICAL TRENDS to view historical trends activity.

  • The Settings icon is visible only to the Skyline administrator.

Support Request visibility within the Dashboard and Log Assist pages is determined by the following:
  • The Support Cases you open will be visible only for the accounts linked to your Skyline account in the Cloud Services Organization. Only support cases with an "open" status are displayed.

  • If you open a Support Case not linked to your Skyline account, it won't be visible in Skyline Advisor Pro.