Add a new Skyline Collector to your Cloud Services Organization.

The only recommendation today for having multiple Skyline Collectors is if you have multiple, geographic disperse, data centers. In this instance, we recommend deploying a Skyline Collector in each data center. You can register multiple Skyline Collectors with a single Cloud Services Organization.

See the Skyline Planning and Deployment Guide for more information regarding Skyline architecture.

To add a new Skyline Collector to an existing Cloud Services Organization, follow these steps.


Only users assigned the Skyline Administrator service role can add a Skyline Collector to a Cloud Services Organization. Users assigned the Skyline User service role do not have this capability. For more information regarding Skyline service roles, see Service Roles in Skyline Advisor.


  1. Within Skyline Advisor, click Dashboard.
  2. Click Show Collector Details.
  3. Click Add New Collector.
  4. To download the Skyline Collector OVF file, click the Download Skyline Collector. Click Next.
  5. Click the Access the Installation & Configuration Guide hyperlink to view installation and configuration instructions for the Skyline Collector. Click Next.
  6. Copy the registration token automatically created. Use the registration token in Step 3 of the Skyline Collector Initial Configuration wizard.


The Skyline Collector is added to your Cloud Services Organization. It appears within the Collectors page.

What to do next

If you did not add products to the Skyline Collector during the deployment of the Collector, add products to the Skyline Collector, such as a vCenter Server, NSX Manager(s), Horizon Connection Server, or vRealize Operations Manager.