Configure the Adapter to specify mapping of Alcatel-Lucent 5620 SAM EMS alarms to Global Manager notifications. These alarms are received over the JMS interface. Mapping is done in the ASA-Alarm.conf file, which contains default behavior specifications and examples of how to change default behavior for specific alarms.

At a minimum, specify values for SEVERITY, DEDUP, EXPIRATION, and NOTARGET times. In addition, if you wish to override the default values for specific alarms, discard an alarm, or have additional text added to the notification, specify those preferences in this file.


Many customers use this mapping to filter out JMS alarms that report conditions that are also detected by VMware Smart Assurance software. To facilitate this, the default configuration file has some annotated suggestions for filtering out such alarms.

Reloading alarm configuration files on page 49 describes how to reload modified alarm files without restarting the Adapter.

Alarm processing parameters describes the configurable parameters for this file.

Table 1. Alarm processing parameters



Context specifier

Allowed values


If the Alcatel-Lucent 5620 SAM EMS does not provide a value for SEVERITY for an alarm, the Adapter assigns this default value.

[DEFAULT | alarm-xx-xx-xx]

Integer from 1-8. Default is 7.


Alarms are DURABLE by default; the conf file defines certain alarms as MOMENTARY. To change an alarm from DURABLE to MOMENTARY, you can add the alarm to the list.

[DEFAULT | alarm-xx-xx-xx]

The VMware Smart Assurance Service Assurance Manager Configuration Guide describes these values in more detail.


Value in seconds before an alarm expires. By default, alarms do not expire. To enable alarm expiration, you can add an alarm to the list and include a value other than zero.

[DEFAULT | alarm-xx-xx-xx]

Default is 0


If the value is set to ON, the Adapter suppresses repeated notifications.

[DEFAULT | alarm-xx-xx-xx]




For notifications not modeled by the Adapter, the expiration time is set to this value.

Not applicable

Integer seconds until expiration.

Default is 0


The specified alarm is discarded so it is not passed to the Adapter Platform.

Most alarms are ACTIVE; the conf file lists the exceptions, which are INACTIVE.



Text string to be added to the notification.


Text of comment