The LSP Hops map displays information similar to that of the LSP map except that instead of displaying just the endpoint devices of an LSP, it includes all the transit devices as well. And, as with the LSP map, the actual display of an LSP Hops map depends on the source object from which the map is launched.

At the top of an LSP Hops map is a Highlight LSP drop-down box that contains the names of the LSPs that appear in the map. By default, the No LSP Highlighted option is selected, and the arrowhead lines that represent the LSP hops are solid lines. Selecting an LSP name from this drop-down box causes all the arrowhead lines that represent the hops for that LSP to change to animated dotted lines, to show the flow of packets through the LSP.

Note that TE tunnels, P2MP LSPs, and subLSPs do not appear in the LSP Highlighted drop-down list, but primary TE LSPs, backup TE LSPs, and LDP LSPs do.