VoIP Management Suite supports additional SNMP traps generated by the VoIP Performance Manager default threshold documents for Avaya, Cisco, and Nortel.

Informational traps are triggered in VoIP Performance Manager when a configured threshold condition has been breached. By default, these traps are not forwarded. However, if you wish, you can forward these traps.

This section describes how to configure SNMP trap integration components in a VoIP Availability Manager deployment to forward these VoIP Performance Manager traps to the VMware Smart Assurance Service Assurance Manager Adapter Platform for further processing and display as notifications in the Global Console.

The VoIP Performance Manager must be configured to forward traps to the trap exploder running in the managed VMware Smart Assurance network. From the trap exploder, they are forwarded to the VoIP Notification Trap Adapter in the VoIP Availability Manager where they are aggregated to reduce the volume of traps. From here, they are forwarded on to the Adapter Platform as notifications. To view the individual notifications that compose the aggregate notification in the Global Console, double-click on the aggregate notification in the Notification Log Console and select the Aggregates Tab in the Notification Properties dialog box.


The SNMP traps generated by the VoIP Performance Manager default threshold documents are informational traps. They should not be confused with the VoIP Performance Manager performance data traps that are forwarded as a result of the integration procedure described in the VMware Smart Assurance VoIP Management Suite Overview and Integration Guide. Performance data traps provide performance-oriented data for object attributes; informational traps do not. The VoIP Notification Trap Adapter collects and parses informational traps and the Adapter Platform processes them as trap notifications.