After completing its discovery, VoIP Availability Manager creates an instance of the VoipPerformanceManager class to discover and monitor VoIP Performance Manager applications in the managed environment. The instance is a VoIP Performance Manager application known as the VoIP Performance Manager managing node. This application is represented as a VoipPerformanceManager object in VoIP Availability Manager’s topology, and the object’s Type attribute is set to Manager.

Then, VoIP Availability Manager begins processing performance-related data from VoIP Performance Manager. Specifically, the VoIP Performance Manager Integration Pack extracts the performance data from traps and uses it to update new performance-related attributes in the following classes of the VoIP Availability Manager data model:

  • CallManager (Cisco)

  • ConvergedCallManager (Avaya)

  • DS1Service (Avaya)

  • GatewayService (Avaya, Cisco, Nortel)

  • H323GateKeeper (Avaya)

  • H323Service (Cisco)

  • MediaProcessor (Avaya)

  • MediaResourceAggregate (Cisco)

  • SignalingService (Nortel)

  • VoipCluster (Avaya, Cisco, Nortel)

    If necessary, VoIP Availability Manager also creates a two-way Monitors/MonitoredBy relationship between the object and the VoipPerformanceManager managing node object.