As a platform operator, you can use VMware Tanzu Mission Control to manage the packages and releases installed in your clusters.

The Catalog page in the Tanzu Mission Control console allows you to view and install packages available from the Tanzu Standard package repository, Helm charts from the Bitnami repository, and packages from your own custom Carvel package repositories.

Note: The catalog in Tanzu Mission Control restricts the installation of packages from the Tanzu Standard package repository to only workload clusters running in Tanzu Kubernetes Grid. You cannot use the catalog to install packages from the Tanzu Standard package repository to non-TKG clusters. For non-TKG clusters, you can explore packages in the Helm charts tab. Helm charts are open source from Bitnami, and are not supported by VMware.

Tanzu Mission Control uses Carvel (an open source community standard) for package management. For more information about packages and package management using Carvel, visit

Set a Firewall Rule for kapp-controller

Tanzu Mission Control requires ingress access to workload clusters to communicate with kapp-controller.

Tanzu Mission Control uses Carvel's kapp-controller service running in the cluster to install packages and communicate with installed packages. Tanzu Mission Control uses port 32767 for the kapp-controller service on non-Tanzu Kubernetes Grid workload clusters, and port 10100 on Tanzu Kubernetes Grid workload clusters.

Add a firewall rule allowing ingress from the control plane to the workload clusters on the relevant ports to ensure the kapp-controller service can operate correctly.