Configure SaaS components

The following describes the initial set of configurations to do in the SaaS components included with Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations.

When you purchase Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations you receive the account details and information on how to access the included SaaS components. Use the provided account details to sign in to the SaaS components and do the following set of initial configuration:

  1. Log In to the Tanzu Mission Control Console and select your organization.
  2. Access the Tanzu Service Mesh console to select your organization.
  3. Log in to Tanzu Observability by Wavefront and generate a token for Tanzu Mission Control. You will use the API token to set up seamless authentication from Tanzu Mission Control to Tanzu Observability.
  4. Configure integrations in Tanzu Mission Control.
    1. Enable Service Mesh for Your Organization.
    2. Enable Tanzu Observability by Wavefront.
    3. Use the API token to Create a Tanzu Observability Credential Object. You can now add managed clusters to Tanzu Observability through Tanzu Mission Control.
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