The VMware Cloud services platform is a web-based application that supports any number of VMware Cloud services.

Sign up for vRealize Operations Cloud

You can request access to the vRealize Operations Cloud program using the following link:

You will receive an invitation email with an activation link. Click the link to log in to the VMware Cloud services platform and start your vRealize Operations Cloud instance.

Configure the VMware Cloud Services Platform

After you get access to the VMware Cloud services platform, you must set up an organization or use an existing organization. VMware Cloud service platform uses organizations to provide controlled access to one or more cloud services. You must belong to an organization before you can access a cloud service.
Note: If you have an existing organization, you may want to consider using that organization to maximize integrated experiences with cloud services

For more information on how to use the VMware Cloud services platform, see the VMware Cloud Services Documentation.

For issues related to vRealize Operations Cloud, contact