You download the latest installation files and upgrade each component of vRealize Operations for Horizon.


Upgrading from vRealize Operations for Horizon 6.0 or earlier is not supported. If you are running vRealize Operations for Horizon 6.0 or earlier, upgrade to version 6.1 before proceeding.


  • Verify that your environment meets product compatibility, hardware, and software requirements. See Preparing for Installation.

  • Verify that Horizon is installed and running. See the Horizon Installation document for your version.

  • Verify that vRealize Operations Manager is deployed and running. Upgrade vRealize Operations Manager to the version that you want before installing vRealize Operations for Horizon.

  • Verify that a vCenter Adapter instance is configured for each vCenter Server instance in your Horizon infrastructure. The vCenter Adapter is provided with vRealize Operations Manager.

  • Synchronize the time on all hosts to an NTP server.

  • Download the vRealize Operations for Horizon installation files. See vRealize Operations for Horizon Installation Files.