The vSphere+ subscription includes VMware Aria® Automation™ SaaS Free Tier. VMware Aria Automation is a modern infrastructure automation platform that provides comprehensive cloud automation services. IT administrators can automate workload provisioning by setting up a self-service infrastructure for DevOps users. DevOps users can self-service and use the assigned infrastructure to deploy and manage their workloads. With the VMware Aria Automation integration, vSphere+ users can seamlessly build, run, manage, and secure traditional and modern applications.

To start using VMware Aria Automation Free Tier, you must first activate Developer Experience.

Note: The activation process is applicable only if you do not have VMware Aria Automation entitled for your Organization. If your Organization is already entitled for VMware Aria Automation, you can skip the activation process. To add additional vCenter instances, use Automation Assembler or the VMware Aria Automation REST APIs.