You can automate workload provisioning by setting up a self-service infrastructure for your DevOps users and also manage the infrastructure with governance policies.

To automate workload provisioning, you must activate VMware Aria Automation Free Tier. The activation process involves providing access to Supervisors or traditional vSphere clusters, or both for DevOps users.

Important: From the VMware Cloud Console, you can activate VMware Aria Automation Free Tier only on one vCenter Server per Organization. To activate additional vCenter Server instances, you must use the VMware Aria Automation REST APIs.



  1. Log in to the VMware Cloud Console at
  2. Click Inventory and select a vCenter Server that is subscribed to vSphere+.
    You can activate VMware Aria Automation Free Tier for the entire Organization only once and on one vCenter Server. You cannot revert the activation. Therefore, select the relevant vCenter Server accordingly.
  3. Click Integrated Services.
  4. In the Developer Experience tile, click Activate.
    You see the list of vSphere clusters. If you activated vSphere with Tanzu for vSphere clusters, you can also see the list of Supervisors.
  5. To provide access to Supervisors, click Add Access.
  6. Select the users or user groups who need access to the Supervisors, and click Add.
  7. To provide access to traditional vSphere clusters, click Add Access.
  8. Select the users or user groups who need access to the traditional vSphere clusters, and click Add.
  9. Click Finish.


  • The activation process provisions access to the following VMware Aria Automation consolidated services to your role:
    • VMware Aria Automation Assembler with Assembler User and Assembler Administrator roles.
    • VMware Aria Automation Service Broker with Service Broker User and Service Broker Administrator roles.
  • The activation process adds the VMware Aria Automation Service Broker service with the Service Broker User role to the selected users' role.
  • The activation process sets up the appropriate projects and related infrastructure in Automation Assembler for users to provision workloads from Automation Service Broker.

What to do next

See Deploy and Manage Resources.