You can view details of discovered VMs like VM name, last scan status, guest OS type, discovered components. You can introspect VMs to discover components in it, add notes to the VMs, and assign tags.


Ensure that you have the required permissions. For more information, see Overview Application Transformer for VMware Tanzu Roles.

  • You must have access permissions to the following Linux commands:
    • find
    • cd
    • unzip
    • tar
    • mkdir
    • pwd


  1. Click Discovery from the main menu.
  2. On the left navigation page, go to Inventory > Virtual Machines.
  3. Select a VM from the table.
  4. Click Introspect to discover the components in the VM.
  5. Click Change Credential to update the VM credential details for VM analysis.
  6. Click Assign Tags to associate the VMs with tags.
  7. Use the filter the information based on introspection status, OS type, power state and tags field to list the VMs.
  8. Click Add on the Notes field to add more information about the VMs. You can add multiple notes to a VM.
    You see the count of notes in the field. Click on the count to see the notes details. You can edit and delete notes based on your user role. See Feature Availability Based on User Role.
  9. After completion of introspection, expand a VM to view the discovered components of a VM.
  10. Click Export Report to generate the CSV file with the VM details, which you can download.

What to do next