Automation for Secure Hosts Vulnerability is a vulnerability remediation solution that allows Security and IT teams to work together to assess the vulnerability status of your systems against the latest security advisories, including those that reference Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE).

After scanning and detecting advisories, Automation for Secure Hosts Vulnerability can remediate any advisory that has an available repair package. You can optionally exempt certain advisories or assets to customize your vulnerability management strategy around other existing security controls.

Automation for Secure Hosts Vulnerability also supports importing security scans from third-party vendors, and remediating those advisories on impacted assets if a remediation is available. This currently includes imported scans from Tenable, Rapid7, Qualys, and Kenna Security, with a built-in API connector for importing from

Automation for Secure Hosts Vulnerability provides various vulnerability reporting options including a quick, printable dashboard view to help assess your vulnerability trend over time.

Following a scan, you can access a downloadable list of all detected vulnerabilities, along with their corresponding advisory name, severity, vulnerability score, and affected assets. As a Automation Config add-on, Automation for Secure Hosts Vulnerability goes beyond assessment, and takes advantage of Salt to actively remediate vulnerabilities while also giving you full control over when and what to remediate.