You can use a model-driven framework to develop plug-ins for Automation Orchestrator.

What is Model-Driven

Model-driven is a framework that exposes the model of third-party libraries, which makes it suitable for creating plug-ins for specific integrations. Model-driven is included in the Automation Orchestrator SDK.

You can find sample code at:
Protocol Sample
SSH [email protected]:vmware-samples/vrealize-orchestrator-plug-in-for-redis.git

Can I create an integration with Redis

You can use the model-driven framework included in the Automation Orchestrator SDK to create an integration with the Redis data structure project.
  • Migrate or upgrade your Automation Orchestrator appliance to version 8.13 or later.
  • If you are developing a plug-in for Automation Orchestrator 8.13, verify that you have Java 11 installed.
  • Verify that you are familiar with Redis. See the Redis home page.
  • Download and install the Maven build tool. See the Maven Apache Project. The Automation Orchestrator Plug-in SDK is compatible with Maven 3.6.1 or later.
  • Verify that you are familiar with Spring IoC as the Redis Plug-in is implemented using Spring. See Spring IoC.