Onboarding to VMware Cloud DR begins with learning about and signing up to buy the service.

1 Learn, Try, and Buy VMware Cloud DR

Use tools and resources on the VMware Cloud Launchpad to learn about VMware Cloud DR, estimate costs, how to use it, and how to buy it:
Launchpad A one-stop-shop to learn, try, and buy VMware Cloud DR. Explore multiple resources and tools that help you to effectively plan and execute your data protection strategy.
TCO calculator Discover how much you can save with VMware Cloud DR.
VMware Cloud DR Planner Plan for DR by using this tool to size and estimate associated costs of your DR solution.
Hands On Lab Learn how to use VMware Cloud DR with the Hands On Lab.
Buy the service online It's easy to buy VMware Cloud DR online.

2 Set Up the VMware Cloud DR Service

Once you purchase VMware Cloud DR, perform these tasks to set up the service:
Fill out the pre-deployment checklist. Gather relevant information needed for deploying and setting up the service.
Add the service Add the VMware Cloud DR service to your VMware Cloud Organization.
Create a subscription Create a subscription for protected capacity based upon your DR requirements.
Activate recovery region After you add the service, you must activate an AWS region to use for recovery and data protection operations.
Open VMware Cloud DR Open VMware Cloud DR when you are ready to start configuring the main components.

Invite users

Invite users to your organization and grant them specific roles, based on their intended use of the service.

Create an API token

Create an API token from the VMware Cloud Services console to use with VMware Cloud DR.

Add the API token When you log in to VMware Cloud DR, add an API token you created in the VMware Cloud Services console.

3 Configure VMware Cloud DR Main Components

To prepare your environment for disaster recovery operations, perform the following tasks:

Task Description

Choose an availability zone for recovery

When you deploy a cloud file system for the first time, you must select an AWS Availability Zone (AZ) that is used for disaster recovery failover operations.

Deploy a cloud file system

Deploy a cloud file system for snapshot replication and cloud backup.

Set up a protected site

Set up a protected site, either a customer-managed vSphere or VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC.

Deploy the DRaaS Connector

Once you set up a protected site, deploy the DRaaS Connector on it so you can begin replicating VM snapshots to the cloud file system.

4 Start Using VMware Cloud DR

To start using the service:

Create a protection group

Create a protection group to enable snapshot replication to a cloud file system. Snapshots are later used for failover operations to a recovery SDDC.

Deploy a recovery SDDC

Deploy a new or add an existing SDDC for recovery operations.

Configure a recovery plan

Configure a recovery plan to orchestrate failover of a protected site to a recovery SDDC.

Run a recovery plan for disaster recovery

Once you configure a recovery plan, you can run it as a failover, either for actual disaster recovery or for test operations.

Run a recovery plan for ransomware recovery.

You can choose to run a plan for ransomware recovery so you can analyse historical snapshots and perform forensics and recover comprosed VMs.

Run a failback recovery plan

When you are ready to restore a protected site, run a failback recovery plan to restore the site to its last best configuration.

Run a Ransomware recovery plan

You can test or run an actual ransomware recovery plan to analyze, inspect, and clean VMs attacked by ransomware and then restore them to a production site.