This topic covers frequently asked questions (FAQ) about SaaS billing as it appears in when you navigate to My VMware Cloud Services and then Billing & Subscriptions.

How is my billing period determined?

The billing period is determined by the date the first service was set up in the organization and lasts one month. For example, if an organization owner onboarded the first service of the organization on the 15th of the month, the billing period for all the services in the organization runs from the 15th of one month to the 14th of the next.

What is included in the Overview?

The Overview displays accrued costs and charges since the start of your billing period for all the services in the organization that were purchased directly from VMware. If you purchased subscriptions through multiple sellers, they appear here. The Current Costs reflects the costs of the services purchased directly from VMware by your organization. The Last Billing Statement is available here after one month of service purchased directly from VMware. Learn more

Which Sellers are included in the Overview?

If you have purchased subscriptions through multiple sellers, they appear in your Overview. Once you have a seller in an organization, you can purchase VMware services from that seller. If you only purchased VMware services from other sellers, you can add VMware as a seller and purchase VMware services directly. Click Seller Details to see costs and payment methods for other sellers and navigate to their billing console.

How can I view my most recent billing information?

Navigate to Overview and then Current Costs to view current accrued costs and charges for all the services your organization purchased from VMware since the beginning of the billing period. The Last Billing Period section displays itemized charges accrued over the previous billing period. The Activity Statement is released after the closing of your billing period and can be downloaded from Billing & Subscriptions and then Invoices & Statement.

Which Payment Method appears in the Overview page?

This is the default payment method that applies to all the charges for your organization. You can add various payment methods to your organization, but only one can be set as the default payment method, and it is used across all VMware Cloud Services in your organization. Navigate to Billing & Subscriptions and then Manage Payment Methods to make changes to your payment methods for future billing.

Where can I see the balance for the funds available to my organization?

Navigate to Manage Payment Methods to see the balance and expiration date for each fund. Additionally, the Activity Statement that you receive or download monthly displays the balance of the fund linked to your organization at the time of statement generation.

Can I change the payment method for my Organization?

Yes. Navigate to Navigate to Billing & Subscriptions and then Manage Payment Methods add or change a payment method prior to the end of your billing period. Your address and customer profile determines the payment methods and currency of your payment at the due date. When you add a fund, credit card, or unrestricted Pay By Invoice account at the organization's level, it becomes available to all other organization owners.

How do I change the Default Payment Method for my Organization?

Navigate to Navigate to Billing & Subscriptions and then Manage Payment Methods. Click Change Default Payment Method. Select an available payment method listed and click Confirm. You can also select Add Payment Methods and then Confirm to link a PBI account, fund, or credit card in the next screen.

I ran into overage. Can I add credits to my fund at any time?

You can purchase additional credits for any fund as needed, even after your billing period has started. Contact an account executive or authorized partner.

How do I pay VMware when my default payment method is Pay By Invoice?

The Remit To By Check and By Bank Wire information is listed on all VMware invoices. Navigate to Invoices & Statements and then Invoices. Next click the arrow and then the PDF icon or the ellipsis (3 vertical dots) and download the invoice. Refer to the Remit To fields in the invoice to make payments. Learn more

Ho­w do I link a VMware fund as a payment method?

Navigate to Manage Payment Methods > Other Payment Methods Navigate to Manage Payment Methods > Default Payment Method and click Change Default Payment Metho

Manage Payment Methods > Add Payment MethodLink VMware Funds > Continue. Select the Fund and click Link Funds. If you want to link the fund and set it as your default payment method, click Link Funds and make default. Learn more


Note - You have to be added as a fund owner/user in Customer Connect in order to be able to link the fund. Other organization owners within your organization can set any linked fund as the default payment method for their organization.

How can I link a Pay By Invoice account and apply it to all my charges?

Complete the offline approval process that starts with a support request to link an unrestricted PBI account. When approved, the Pay By Invoice account appears as a payment method in Manage Payment Methods > Other Payment Methods. Navigate to Manage Payment Methods > Default Payment Method and click Change Default Payment Method. Select the Pay by Invoice account that you want to use and click Confirm. Learn more

When can I apply Pay By Invoice to my current subscriptions?

Once enabled, Pay By Invoice can be applied as the default payment method for all services and subscriptions across the organization, including current subscriptions. Learn more

How can I add a credit card to use as a payment method after onboarding?

Navigate to Manage Payment Methods and click Add Payment Method. Next, select Add Credit Card and click Continue. Enter your credit card details and click Add Card.

How do I update a credit card used as a payment method?

To update, remove, or make a credit card the default payment method, navigate to Manage Payment Methods and click the ellipsis (3 vertical dots) to select the applicable option.

Why was my credit card declined?

VMware does not accept credit or debit card payments if the address of the organization or the billing address of the card is in specific countries. You may contact your credit card issuer to verify reason for declining. Learn more

What is the maximum amount for credit cards transactions?

The maximum amount you can spend in a single transaction is $25,000.

Can I pay for my VMware Cloud Services with a credit card in a currency other than my organization’s currency?

Yes. But if the address of the organization and the address of the credit card are located in countries with different currencies, you may be charged foreign currency transactions fees by your credit card issuer.

Why did I receive an SCA prompt while paying for my VMware Cloud Services with a credit card?

If your organization's billing address is in a country that is a member of the European Economic Area (EEA) or a cooperating country, your credit card payments are impacted by the European Union's Second Payment Service Directive (2015/2366 PSD2). PSD2 requires Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) for electronic transactions through a two-factor authentication. When required, the SCA prompt will appear during the checkout flow requesting you to provide additional security information that will then be verified by your bank or card issuer.

I used a credit card to sign up for the service. Why was I charged $2000 USD?

You are charged $2000 USD when you deploy your first Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) and the credit is applied against future charges.

What is a Subscription?

Subscriptions allow your organizations to use Cloud Services for a specific term of 1 or 3 years. Navigate to Billing & Subscriptions > Subscriptions and click a Subscription ID to see a summary including status, start and end date, and list price if you purchased directly from VMware.

What is a Term Commitment?

Term Commitments are pre-defined periods of 1 or 3 years with a negotiated rate during which your organization has committed to pay and use a Cloud Service. You can purchase and use multiple term commitments for each service, and the start and end dates for each term may vary. Extra usage not covered by the terms of the commitment is charged based on the on-demand pricing you agreed to when you signed up with your service.

How do I receive my Cloud Services bill?

VMware issues two billing documents:

Activity Statement: Monthly summary of all services consumed, and payments made against previous charges during the billing period using the default payment method for your organization.

Electronic Invoice: Use this document to make payments according to Remit To fields.

How do I pay my Cloud Services invoice?

Navigate to Invoices & Statements > Invoices and click the arrow in the drop down. Next, click the PDF icon or the ellipsis (3 vertical dots) and download the invoice. Refer to the Remit To fields in the invoice to make online payments. Learn more

Where can I find my outstanding Cloud Services balance?

Navigate to Invoices & Statements > Activity Statementsand click the drop-down arrow next to the most recent Activity Statement. A summary opens, displaying services, promotional credits, taxes, and payments applied against your current balance. Click the PDF icon to download the Activity Statement. The Outstanding Balance line displays the unpaid balance from the previous billing.