A user in the Provider Administrator role interacts with the VMware Data Services Manager Provider Console to monitor and manage details of the environment, and to perform various administrative tasks.

Note: A Provider Administrator can create databases only if a Namespace is associated with the Provider organization. If the Namespace used to create the database is associated with a Provider organization, the Provider Administrator can also manage and modify such a database that is created by an Organization Administrator or an Organization User and perform operations such as backups, clones, restores, recovers, and so on. The following operations can be performed by a Provider Administrator even if the Namespace used by the database is not associated with the Provider organization:
  • Change owner of database
  • Create and manage tags for a database VM
  • Change owner of database
  • Download Root CA of a database VM
  • Download and regenerate server certificate of a database VM
  • Enable SSH Access to a database VM
  • Generate logs of a database VM
  • See Roles and Their Responsibilities.


    Only users in the Provider Administrator role have access to the VMware Data Services Manager console views for the Provider.

    A Provider Administrator user uses the console to view, monitor, and manage the environment for every registered organization.

    The Dashboard

    The Dashboard provides an at-a-glance view of important VMware Data Services Manager metrics for your organization:

    • The number of published database templates.
    • The number of configured organizations and users.
    • The number and type of all provisioned databases.
    • The storage allocated to the databases managed by the Provider VM across environments.
    • The top five organizations with the largest number of provisioned databases.
    • The high availability setting.

    Click a Dashboard entry to drill-down and view detailed information about the object.

    About the Console Views

    The VMware Data Services Manager Provider Console provides several views that enable you to configure, monitor, and manage your deployment. You can access a view of interest via the left navigation pane, and in some cases, also from the Dashboard.

    The Provider Console views include:

    Provider View Description
    Databases Create database VMs. Monitor and manage the database VMs that use a Namespace associated with the Provider organization.
    Database Alerts Monitor database alerts.
    Database Backups Create database backups. Monitor and restore database backups that use a Namespace associated with the Provider organization..
    Database Templates Manage database templates that use a Namespace associated with the Provider organization..
    Environment Create, monitor, and manage the registered environments.
    Environment Alarms Monitor environment alarms.
    Environment Events Monitor environment events.
    External Storage Monitor connectivity to external storage.
    Namespaces Create, monitor, and manage Namespaces.
    Operations Monitor database and environment operations.
    Organizations Create, monitor, and manage the configured organizations.
    Settings Manage system settings.
    System Audit Monitor system audit events.
    System Logs Manage Provider log collection.
    Update Manager Manage Provider software updates.
    Users Create, monitor, manage the configured users.
    VM Plans Create, monitor, manage VM plan configurations.
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