Network Protocol Manager for IS-IS builds a data model of the discovered IS-IS topology objects in its domain. The model, shown in IS-IS data model, represents the IS-IS objects and certain network objects imported from IP Availability Manager, their relationships, and their connections.

The IS-IS objects are represented as instances of the following VMware Smart Assurance ICIM classes:

  • ISISArea

  • ISISService

  • ISISNetwork

  • ISISInterface

  • ISISNeighborEndpoint

  • ISISAdjacency

    The VMware Smart Assurance Network Protocol Manager Discovery Guide Supplement provides more information about the IS-IS data model. The VMware Smart Assurance Common Information Model (ICIM) 1.11 Reference for Non-Service Assurance Manager Products provides descriptions of ICIM classes, relationships, and connections.

    Figure 1. IS-IS data model