VMware Tanzu Application Platform (informally known as TAP) is a packaged set of components that helps developers and operators to more easily build, deploy, and manage apps on a Kubernetes platform.

Tanzu Application Platform provides development teams a pre-paved path to production to get code running on any compliant public cloud or on-premises Kubernetes cluster, enabling security and scale. It is an application-aware platform that is modular so teams can customize it based on their organization’s preferences.

Tanzu Application Platform docs

To learn more about the latest version of Tanzu Application Platform, see the Tanzu Application Platform v1.10 docs.

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Plan and architect your Tanzu Application Platform deployment

Tanzu Reference Architecture Documentation

Install Tanzu Application Platform

Installing Tanzu Application Platform

Promote your first application using the Tanzu Application Platform

Getting started with Tanzu Application Platform

See solutions for specific Tanzu Application Platform use cases

Tanzu Solutions Workbooks

Other docs in the Tanzu Application Platform portfolio

Tanzu Application Platform comes with a portfolio of other VMware Tanzu products to help application developers to build, containerize, and deploy modern applications across multiple clouds.

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Use the Tanzu CLI to perform tasks to create and manage your infrastructure.

VMware Tanzu CLI Docs

Speed up application development by providing ready-made, enterprise-conformant code and configurations.

Application Accelerator for VMware Tanzu Docs

Get insights into running applications and troubleshoot issues.

Application Live View for VMware Tanzu Docs

Install the open-source Carvel tools on your clusters to allow easy installation and management of Tanzu Application Platform and other Tanzu products.

Cluster Essentials for VMware Tanzu Docs

Build serverless and event-driven cloud native applications with enterprise-supported Knative.

Cloud Native Runtimes for VMware Tanzu Docs

Support the discoverability, lifecycle management, and connectivity of Service Resources such as databases, message queues, and DNS records.

Services Toolkit for VMware Tanzu Application Platform Docs

Deploy streaming and batch data pipelines to Kubernetes.

VMware Spring Cloud Data Flow for Kubernetes Docs

Route internal or external API requests to application services that expose APIs.

VMware Spring Cloud Gateway for Kubernetes Docs

Turn application source code into container images.

VMware Tanzu Build Service Docs

Provide framework and runtime support for applications in different languages to Tanzu Build Service.

VMware Tanzu Buildpacks Docs

Additional docs for application developer products

In addition to the developer products that come with Tanzu Application Platform, the Tanzu portfolio includes added products for application developers.

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Select from a customizable catalog of maintained and verifiably tested open source software images.

VMware Tanzu Application Catalog Docs

Run dedicated MySQL and Postgres instances on Kubernetes.

VMware Tanzu SQL with Postgres for Kubernetes Docs and VMware SQL with MySQL for Kubernetes Docs

Scale applications with self-service, highly automated messaging and streaming.

VMware RabbitMQ for Kubernetes Docs

Obtain high-performance alerting and streaming analytics with metrics, histograms, and traces/spans.

VMware Tanzu Observability Docs

Visit the VMware Tanzu Documentation home page to learn more about all of the other products in the Tanzu portfolio.

To find practical technical guidance for evaluating, implementing, and operating Tanzu solutions, visit the Tanzu Tech Zone.

Use the Tanzu Application Platform docs

The Tanzu Application Platform documentation in HTML reflects the latest update release of each Tanzu Application Platform version. For example, version 1.10 contains updates for all 1.10.x releases.

If you are logged in to docs.vmware.com with your VMware Customer Connect account, you can use MyLibrary to create custom documentation collections that contain only the content meeting your specific information needs.

Learn more about Tanzu Application Platform

  • Find solution briefs, FAQs, customer testimonials, demos, and other resources in the Tanzu Dev Overview and the Tanzu Application Platform product page.

  • Browse the library of Tanzu Application Platform videos on the Tanzu YouTube channel, as well as on Twitch.

  • Browse the developer and operator focused courses and learning paths in the Tanzu Academy.

  • Experiment with a hosted Tanzu Application Platform developer sandbox in the Tanzu Academy.

Stay up to date with Tanzu Application Platform news

VMware posts regularly about Tanzu Application Platform news, product releases, and events on the Tanzu Application Platform Blog.

You can also get updates about Tanzu Application Platform on Twitter and Facebook.