You can customize the Onboarding Template in the Hub Services console to provide a curated experience for pre-hire users in the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub on a web browser. The template is configured to guide pre-hires to resource that can help them be prepared to start working on day one.

The onboarding template is enabled with the New Hire Welcome page, custom branding, and a Hub app catalog. Instead of using the global Hub catalog, you can setup a pre-hire version of the Hub catalog for pre-hire resources. To learn more about templates and global settings, see Using Hub Template to Set Up Different Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub Experiences for Users.

If mobile flows is configured in Hub Services, you can enable Notifications in the onboarding template and use mobile flows to process the notification workflows from systems such as Workday and ServiceNow. Pre-hires can access these systems directly from Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub to complete pre-hire tasks before their first day.

If Hub Virtual Assistant is configured in Hub Services, you can enable Hub Assistant to help pre-hires get answers to common questions.

See to the Workspace ONE Hub Services documentation to configure Hub Services features, including Virtual Assistant.


Example Configuration of the Pre-Hire Onboarding Template

  • Select to use the global settings for Branding or create a different version of branding.
  • Create pre-hire versions of the Hub catalog that display the selected apps that pre-hires can access before their first day. The pre-hire Hub catalog can be a simplified version of the global Hub catalog. For example,
    • Enable the Promotions banner to convey important apps that pre-hires frequently need to refer to.
    • Disable the Favorites tab and the Categories list to simplify the visual view of the Workspace ONE content.
    Screenshot of the App Catalog page
  • Enable Notifications. You can send custom informational and actionable notifications to individual pre-hires and to the pre-hire group.


  1. In the Hub Services console, navigate to the Templates page.

    Click Onboarding.

    Click Get Started. If Get Started is not active, the prerequisite requirements are not meet. Review the prerequisites section.

  2. Select the radial button Enable Onboarding Template.

    The New Hire User Group is listed. The pre-hire user group is automatically retrieved from Workspace ONE Access.

  3. Click Edit Template.

    The New Hire Welcome page is enabled. You cannot change this setting.

    The global Catalog setting is enabled. Click App Catalog to expand the page. Select a pre-hire catalog version to use and select the platforms that can access the App Catalog.

    Note: Disable Mac and Windows in the platforms list.

    The global Branding setting is enabled. Click Branding to expand the page and select a version of Branding.

    In this example, Notifications and Virtual Assistance are configured in Hub Services but are not included in the default onboarding template configuration.

    Screenshot of the App Catalog page showing the default onboarding template configuration options
  4. Review the Available section. Features that are set up in Hub Services and can be configured in the onboarding template are displayed. For each feature that you want to enable in the onboarding template, click .

    Enable Notifications. The New App Notification is disabled. For pre-hire onboarding, it is recommended to turn off New App notifications.

  5. Click SAVE.
Note: Employee Self-Service, Passport, and People are not available for the onboarding template at this time.

When pre-hires access Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub, they access the features configured in the onboarding template.

Note: If you change the Active Directory group that is designated for pre-hire users, you must re-save the Hub Services Onboarding template to set up the new directory group in the onboarding template. Go to the Hub Services console > Template > Onboarding and click Save.