You may want to further customize your adapter instance configuration using the file.



The following additional configuration settings can be found in the file located in the $VCOPS_BASE/user/plugins/inbound/xendesktop_adapter/conf/ folder. You can modify the entries in the file, and they will be read in during the next collection.

Property Description Default Value
create_relationship_between_applications_or_desktops_and_machines_in_the_same_delivery_group The Citrix XenDesktop platform does not create a relationship between Applications and Machines within the OData model, but this visual convenience is added when the property is set to true (default). true
relationship_sync_interval Because many resource relationships tend to slow down vROps, you can opt to specify the number of collections to pass before calculating and returning relationships during a collect cycle (i.e., collect relationships less often). 10
parallelize_odata_calls Allows for a quicker return on data calls true
odata_call_thread_pool_size Specifies the number of threads concurrently performing OData calls 12

Allows for adjusting acceptable times to return an OData result, or when the data calls should timeout, in seconds. When values are not specified, the calls are limited to whatever the collection interval is set to for the adapter instance resource.

Example: if you want to limit the Applications call to 10 seconds, it would appear as: timeout_for_applications_in_seconds=10

maximum_number_of_events_to_return_per_collection Used to specify the maximum number of events to return during each collect cycle blank (returns all events)

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