If you disabled autodiscovery when Creating an Adapter Instance (Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktops), you will need to manually discover resources as outlined below.



  1. Click the Administration administration_icon icon. In the right panel, select Inventory Explorer.
  2. Under Adapter Instances, select XenDesktop Adapter.
  1. Click the Discover Resources discover_resources_icon_19x20 icon. The Discover Objects window will appear.
  2.  In the Discover Objects window, select the following information:
    •  Collector: Unless you added additional collectors, the only available collector is your vROps server
    •  Adapter Type: Citrix XenDesktop
    • Adapter Instance: The name of the adapter instance you assigned when Creating an Adapter Instance (Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktops)
    •  Discovery Info: Citrix XenDesktop Discovery
    •  Only New Objects: Select if you want only new objects to be discovered

  3. Click OK to start the manual discovery process. The process can take up to several minutes. When it is complete, the Discovery Results window lists the discovered resources.
  4. Select each resource kind that contains resources you want to add, then choose one of the following options:
    • Import: Import the resource(s), but do not start collecting data. Resources appear in the resource list as Not Collecting. Data is stored, but analysis is not performed.
    • Collect: Import the resource(s), and start collecting data. When you select the Collect checkbox, the Import checkbox is also selected.
  5. Click OK. The Discovery Results window closes and the new resources appear.

What to do next