VMware® vSphere+™ is a multi-cloud workload platform that brings the benefits of VMware Cloud Services to your on-premises workloads. vSphere+ combines the industry-leading virtualization technology, an enterprise-ready Kubernetes environment, and high-value cloud services to transform your existing on-premises deployments into a SaaS-enabled infrastructure.

Figure 1. vSphere+ Architecture
Diagram showing the architecture for vSphere+

Want to know what is in the current release of vSphere+? Look at the latest VMware vSphere+ Release Notes.

Learn About Some of the vSphere+ Features

Curious to explore vSphere+ before purchasing a subscription? Start vSphere+ Free Trial to explore most of the vSphere+ capabilities.

vCenter Cloud Gateway establishes the communication between your on-premises vCenter Server instances and VMware Cloud. Learn how to install vCenter Cloud Gateway and connect your vCenter Server to VMware Cloud.

Learn how to purchase and apply subscriptions. To unlock all vSphere+ capabilities, subscribe your vCenter Server to vSphere+.

Monitor your entire vSphere infrastructure and create virtual machines from a centralized VMware Cloud Console.

You can update your vCenter Server from the VMware Cloud console in a single click, with reduced operational effort and maintenance window.

Learn how to seamlessly provision and manage your vCenter Server configurations across geographies and different domains by using the Desired State Configuration feature.

Explore Our Videos

You can learn about vSphere+ by reading the documentation, and by watching videos on the VMware vSphere+ video channel.

Learn More About vSphere+

To learn more about vSphere+, see the following resources:
  • For more information about the product, FAQ, and additional product resources, visit the vSphere+ Product Page.
  • Ask questions about vSphere+ by visiting the vSphere Community Forum. You can get help, opinions, and feedback from other VMware users by participating in the discussion forums.
  • You can explore vSphere+ without any installation or subscription by using VMware's Hands On Lab environment.
  • Read the latest products announcements, technical articles, and operations guidance from VMware on the vSphere Blog.

Use vSphere+ Documentation

The vSphere+ documents in HTML reflect the latest vSphere+ information. All our documentation comes in PDF format, which you can access by selecting the Download PDF icon on any page in the HTML documentation. You can also use the In-product Help in the vSphere+ user interface by clicking the Help icon (?), to understand the various tasks you can perform on the current interface.

You can create custom documentation collections, containing only the content that meets your specific information needs, using MyLibrary