VMware Aria Operations for Logs (SaaS)

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For vRealize Log Insight Cloud release notes, see the PDF file: https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-Aria-Operations-for-Logs/services/rn/vmware-vrealize-log-insight-release-notes.pdf

What's New in August 2023

  • Pause Recurring Alerts:While defining an alert, you can now select the time period for which you want to suppress a repetitive alert after its first occurrence. This helps prevent an alert flood while you investigate the root cause of the issue.

See the Alerts documentation to learn more.

Selecting the time period to pause subsequent alert notifications after the first alert is triggered.
  • Usage Limits for Features: From this release of VMware Aria Operations for Logs (SaaS), usage limits are applied to feature configurations that you create or activate on the system. See the Usage Limits documentation to learn more.

What's New in July 2023

  • Public APIs: New public APIs related to tags, tag associations, webhook notifications, and vSphere configurations are now available. See the API reference guide to learn more.

  • Usage Limits for Features : To ensure optimal performance and efficient usage of system resources, usage limits are introduced on feature configurations that you can create or activate in VMware Aria Operations for Logs (SaaS). See the Usage Limits documentation to learn more.


Usage limits will take effect from the August 2023 release.

What's New in June 2023

  • Scheduled Reports: You can now schedule reports for private, shared, and content pack dashboards.

    Scheduled Reports enables you to configure and receive periodic dashboard reports through email, providing convenient access to important insights on a regular basis. To learn more, see the documentation on Scheduling and Managing Reports.

  • Federated Queries (BETA): Federated Queries provides a single pane of glass to search for logs across on-premises clusters and SaaS instance, delivering a comprehensive search experience and thus enhancing the federated log management experience. To learn more, see the documentation on Searching and Filtering Log Events.

    On-Premises partitions on the Explore Logs page.
  • Deprecated Feature: The Log RCA feature is being deprecated and will not be supported in future releases.

What's New in May 2023

  • Rebranding of vRealize Log Insight Cloud to VMware Aria Operations for Logs

  • In this release, we are excited to announce that vRealize Log Insight Cloud, VMware’s powerful platform for centralized log management and deep operational visibility, is now rebranded to VMware Aria Operations for Logs.
  • With VMware Aria Operations for Logs, you can continue to rely on the same robust capabilities that vRealize Log Insight Cloud provided. Additionally, you can expect even more advanced features and functionality as we continue to invest in the platform.
  • The rebranding will not impact your existing consumption plan of vRealize Log Insight Cloud. You will continue to receive the same level of support and service you have come to expect from VMware.
  • Ingestion Limit Notifications

  • You can now proactively monitor the log ingestion volume and configure daily and monthly threshold-based notifications to avoid overages and cost overruns.
  • Log Size Support

  • You can now gain visibility into top log-generating sources based on their size and take proactive steps to optimize your infrastructure. You can also view granular log size details for all log messages and log types to identify and drop irrelevant log messages, and save significant costs.
  • Federated Log Management Support

  • You can now visualize the usage summary and health of all VMware Aria Operations for Logs (On-Premises) clusters on a single screen. You can also view the summary of VMware Aria Operations for Logs (On-Premises) usage such as volume of logs ingested and volume of logs forwarded from VMware Aria Operations for Logs (On-Premises) to VMware Aria Operations for Logs (SaaS).
  • Google Cloud VMware Engine (GCVE) Support

  • Logs from Google Cloud VMware Engine (GCVE) are now available in VMware Aria Operations for Logs. These logs include all the SDDC logs to support compliance and troubleshooting use cases.
  • With the addition of support for GCVE logs, VMware Aria Operations for Logs offers a unified view of logs from all major VMware Clouds in a single place.
  • New Content Packs

    Apache CLF: The Apache CLF content pack supports any application that follows the Apache Common Log Format. This includes, and is not limited to, the following load balancers and web servers:

    • Apache (HTTP Server, Tomcat)

    • HAProxy (Load Balancer)

    • NGINX (Load Balancer, Web Server)

    VMware Aria Automation Orchestrator: The VMware Aria Automation Orchestrator 8.3+ content pack provides you with important information across all components of your VMware Aria Automation Orchestrator environment.

  • VMware Aria Operations for Logs Agents

  • The auto-upgrade feature in VMware Aria Operations for Logs Agents will upgrade the VMware Aria Operations for Logs Agents to version 8.10.
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