You can export an image profile to an ISO image or a ZIP file by using the vSphere Web Client. You can use the ISO image as an ESXi installer or to upgrade hosts with vSphere Upgrade Manager. The ZIP file contains metadata and the VIBs of the image profile. You can use it for ESXi upgrades or as an offline depot.



  1. On the vSphere Web Client Home page, click Auto Deploy.
    By default, only the Administrator role has privileges to use the vSphere ESXi Image Builder service.
  2. On the Software Depots tab, select the software depot that contains the image profile that you want to work with.
  3. On the Image Profiles tab, select the image profile that you want to export and click Export Image Profile.
  4. Select the type of the exported file.
    Option Description
    ISO Exports the image profile to a bootable ISO image. If you want to create an ISO image that you can burn to a CD or DVD and use to boot up a stateless ESXi instance, select the Do not include an installer on the ISO check box.
    ZIP Exports the image profile to a ZIP file.
  5. (Optional) If you want to bypass the acceptance level verification of the image profile, select Skip acceptance level checking.
  6. Click the Generate image button.
  7. When the image generates successfully, click Download to download the exported file.
  8. Click Close.