VMware Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations is a set of products and services for cloud infrastructure administrators and operators, to allow you to create, manage, and monitor your Kubernetes environment across multiple platforms. The documentation for Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations includes reference architecture documentation, component product documentation, solution briefs and demos, blogs, and videos and podcasts.

VMware Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations Components

VMware Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations Reference Architecture Documentation

The VMware Tanzu Reference Architecture Documentation contains validated reference architecture and designs for deploying VMware Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations, on vSphere, AWS, and Azure. The reference design documents include information about how to deploy and configure the component products that constitute Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations.

VMware Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations Component Docs

The documentation for Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations includes publications for all of the individual component products that feature in the Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations offering.

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Automate multi-cloud management through a centralized, intuitive control console

VMware Tanzu Mission Control Documentation

Deploy Kubernetes-based container solutions across vSphere 6.7U3, vSphere 7, Amazon EC2, and Microsoft Azure

For multi-cloud or standalone deployment:

VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Documentation

For Tanzu embedded in vSphere7 deployment:

VMware vSphere with Tanzu Documentation

Apply load balancing, web application firewall, and container ingress

VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer Documentation

Obtain high-performance alerting and streaming analytics with metrics, histograms, and traces/spans

VMware Tanzu Observability by Wavefront Documentation

Create an enterprise-class service mesh for consistent control and security for microservices, end users, and data

VMware Tanzu Service Mesh Documentation

Streamline your Kubernetes networking with a unified networking stack across multiple managed Kubernetes providers and manage Windows and Linux workloads across multiple clouds

VMware Container Networking with Antrea Documentation

Additional Product Documentation

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Simplify digital transformation to modern applications through containerizing

Application Transformer for VMware Tanzu Docs

Retrieve vCPU capacity from VMware Tanzu products in internet-restricted, or air-gapped, environments

Retrieving vCPU Capacity from Air-Gapped Tanzu Environments

Deploy AI/ML workloads on Tanzu Kubernetes clusters provisioned by the Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Service.

Deploy AI/ML Workloads on Tanzu Kubernetes Clusters

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Find VMware Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations Solution Briefs, Testimonials and Demos

For further information about the capabilities of Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations, visit the VMware Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations home page and the product page for each individual Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations capability or product.

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Posts provide information about how customers are using Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations, including best practices and design principles, as well as the latest news about running Kubernetes and open source technology on VMware, and managing your Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations deployments.

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