You can deploy captured ThinApp applications centrally for multiple users to access, or decentralized to a file system or a USB device. You can integrate the captured applications to a desktop for user accessibility.

With ThinApp, you can use an environment variable to set a different Sandbox location dynamically. You do not need to change any parameters for a particular deployment mode.

You can deploy captured ThinApp applications to physical desktops or to VMware View desktop images. Centralized mode stores virtualized application packages on a network file share for multiple users to access at the same time. With centralized mode you can administer and update application packages more efficiently because they are stored in a central file share. No disk space is used on the individual desktop because the application package is streamed to users. You can create desktop shortcuts and automate registration such as shortcuts and file type associations by using the thinreg.exe utility in the login script. This mode does not require distribution of a large application package over the network.

Decentralized mode deploys application packages to specific end points and does not require network access. With decentralized mode, the application package data is stored in a compressed state, reducing the disk footprint. The embedded ThinApp runtime in each application package is only about 600KB. Decentralized mode does not require network connectivity. You can use existing third-party software deployment solutions (SDSs) or Active Directory to distribute to user devices.

Centralized and decentralized deployment modes use ThinApp streaming to include application components in memory as normal Windows processes for full application functions. ThinApp streaming does not require local caching of files, instead it streams to memory only files necessary to perform the specific application function. Application files and registry files are provided to only the user based on the application requests regardless of the package size.